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Fabco Board Roof

Fabco Board (panel insulation) is characterised by having closed cells which keep out heat and sound in overlapping boards which are easy to fix with one another without letting in any amount of heat, they are packed inside cases for protection from any damage while moving.

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Fabco Board Wall

Fabco Board is thermal insulation with great advantage where existing building are to be insulated, and also building with special exterior finishes. For the internal lining Fabco Board either with the help of adhesives or by mechanical fasteners with a density Fabco Board can be covered either by gypsum plaster or by wire mesh fixed with fastener and normal plaster.

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Fabco Board (W) can be used as wall insulation. It can be applied in several ways including as a sandwich application .

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Fabco Board (R) can be very conveniently installed on a roof. In classical as well as Inverted roofs. It can be used with most roof membranes if appropriate precautions are observed. Once the waterproofing membrane has been installed and flood tested, the Fabco Board insulation boards can be installed loose laid or spot bonded to the waterproofing membrance. In protected roof membrane assemblies, ballast is applied after Fabco Board roof insulation has been loose laid over the roof membrane. The amount of ballast will vary with the project’s wind-uplift resistance requirements & thickness of the Fabco Board roof insulation board.

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Fabco Plastic Factory Co., Ltd. produces hordy Thermal insulators from polystyrene used in roofs of various sizes and lengths of up to 4 meters, which is characterized by the possibility of cutting it in a diagonal way to suit all designs on demand, Also Fabco Produces the white expanded polystyrene sheets that are used to save fragile materials Such as glass, mirrors, and aluminium.

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