Based on the reputation achieved by the products of the Fabco Plastic Factory, and in order to enhance this reputation, we are always keen to adhere to the application of recognized local and international quality standards. to achieve our strategic goals. The tendency to invest in the FABCO Thermal Insulators Factory was based on the local and foreign market’s need for thermal insulation products, which contributes to rationalizing and preserving energy uses. In the FAPCO Insulation Factory, we are keen to adopt the latest advanced technologies while attracting human competencies from experienced engineers and technicians, with a commitment to credibility and transparency in our transactions. To achieve and maintain the satisfaction of our customers. We always trust in our abilities to achieve leadership in the markets in which we are located, as we always strive to make the required efforts to develop equipment, mechanisms and processes while adhering to the application of the principles of total quality.

Factory general manager
a. Bader Bakhshwin

Fabco Thermal Insulation Factory is one of the industrials castle of Salem Balhamer Holding Group, which comes to enhance the integration of industrial products produced by Fabco Plastic Factory, to meet the market need for thermal insulation products, which contributes to rationalizing energy uses, as various high-quality thermal insulation panels are produced ( Polystyrene) for walls, roofs, and insulation products for white and blue blocks of both expanded and extruded types of (XPS – EPS) in addition to all types of decoration, panels and hourdy in accordance with the Saudi Standard Specifications SASO, and the American Specifications ASTM – C 578: 2022, to cover the needs of the local market, where we export to more than 30 countries within GCC, Middle East, Asia, Africa and Europe.


To be one of the leading Saudi companies in the field of manufacturing industries at the national level.


Providing diverse and integrated thermal insulation products for various purposes with high quality according to local and international standards for our customers in the local and foreign markets, where we are keen to attract human and technical resources while enhancing a culture of public safety and environmental safety and working professionally, in order to achieve our goals and our national role.


Our Team

Fabco Factory for Thermal Insulation have qualified team with the experience of the highest technical levels consists of engineers and technicians are managing the business, according to the lates specifications and modern technology in the field of production Thermal insulation materials (polystyrene)