FABCO Thermal Insulation Factory

FABCO Thermal Insulation Factory was established in 2016 in Non-metallic manufacturing lines to produce thermal insulation from high quality (polystyrene) materials manufactured according to American and Saudi specifications SASO & ASTM – C 578: 2014 Accredited by the following bodies and ministries (Ministry of Health – Ministry of Education – Ministry of Housing – Saudi Aramco – Electricity Company – Water and Sanitation Authority) Products are fire-resistant according to the highest specifications of the Saudi Standards and Quality Organization. ISO 9001:2015 certified .

Fabco Produce block insert extruded and expanded for used in cement block, color blue / white on request


Expanded Polystyrene insulation is high performance rigid insulation with a closed cell structure which makes it impervious to moisture.



Fabco Board is thermal insulation is of great advantage where existing building are to be nsulated and also building with special exterior finishes.


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