Resounding success in opening new markets in various regions of the Kingdom

FABCO Thermal Insulation Factory succeeded in developing its business during the last period after strengthening its presence in the market and expanding its customer base in various regions of the Kingdom. The quality of products and services that are provided to customers has contributed to the preference for thermal insulation products that are manufactured in “Fabco” factories and to adopt them as a main choice for many government agencies, companies, factories, and retail and wholesale stores inside and outside the Eastern Province.

The addition of new polystyrene products of different sizes and types (decor, sheets, boards) contributed to the increase in sales of the thermal insulation department, after FABCO boards were approved for several new projects, including: (The project to establish Magraby hospital in Al-Khobar, the project to establish 5 schools in Riyadh, the project to establish Bank Al-Bilad in the city of Jubail).